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Basic Training Graduation
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Basic Training? No Sweat.

Base guides by service

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Celebrate Graduation Day

Whether you are celebrating the Air Force's, Army's, Navy's or Marines' latest service member we have the tools you need to take part in their big day. Just pick the base they are graduating from and you can quickly reserve a hotel close to base. Go more in-depth with our travel guide for each base showing area attractions, restaurants, services, and so much more.

For further information about basic training graduations visit Boot Camp Graduations and make your new service member's day!.

Basic Training Bases

  1. Lackland AFB
  2. Fort Knox
  3. Fort Leonard Wood
  4. Fort Jackson
  5. Fort Sill
  6. Fort Benning
  7. Parris Island Recruit Depot
  8. San Diego Recruit Depot
  9. Great Lakes Naval Station

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